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Renaissance in London

Let us plant for wildlife

"Let us fill our moments with nature. Let us have a conversation with Nature by planting seeds - Lets spread the love and let Nature respond to our conversations, in amazing ways" ~ Rewilding Belgravia ~

"Rewilding is a progressive and forward-thinking form of conversation that resets our relationship with nature, allowing people and the natural world to flourish side by side" quote: ~ ~

"We think Vertical Forests are the way forward when it comes to new developments" ~ Rewilding Belgravia ~

"Bee Bus Stops create a green and colourful corridor of possibilities for insects, bees, butterfiles and wildlife"

~ Rewilding Belgravia ~

"Nature Heals ... a wildlife theme"

~ Chelsea Flower show 2022 ~


Supporting Schools

August 2022

Research shows that nature is good for children's health, leading to a better ability to learn.

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Meadow In Berkeley Square

Meadow and Bug Hotel in Berkeley Square 23rd June 2022

A wonderful initiative by Westminster College in conjunction with Continental Landscapes Contractors.

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Source: Westminster College

Gardens For Wildlife

7th May 2022

Green spaces are good for the planet. Gardens (and Parks) are suffering as they are fast disappearing. What to do?

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Nature Heals

24th May 2022

The Chelsea Flower

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Living Hoardings

20th Dec 2021

We were pleased to learn Grosvenor has errected living Hoardings at Cundy Redevlopment, helping to improve air quality, biodiversity and beauty.

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Rebirding the new Rewilding

Birds need plenty of insects, water and habitats to build nests and to thrive. Highlighted here is a recent article by Joe Shute, in the "Daily Telegraph" explaining why rebirding is the new rewilding.

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Hedgehogs in London

March 2022

Can Hedgehogs be successfully reintroduced to London's Squares and Parks? New Post coming soon!

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A New Renaissance

Coming Soon

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From the Greenhouse


In Honour of Our Late Great Queen Elizabeth

Rewilding Belgravia London

Spread the Love!

  1. From small beginnings
  2. Our project is about spreading the love of nature, one small patch at a time!
  3. This means caring for our neighbourhood just as we care for our own homes
  4. Gardening helps create a healthy environment for both nature and humans
  5. And the bigger picture - I am still banging on about Bees, Birds, Bats and Butterflies read my latest Blog below:

Bees, Birds, Bats, Bugs, Butterflies

Read more articles Bee Bus Shelters

Green Hoardings and screens - a forerunner to eco-vertical-forests

Read more - visit Living Hoardings website here ...

We advocate the greening of 'Greening up construction sites with PlantBox living hoardings'.

A Growing Revolution - Plant Box has ideas and communtiy initiatives to inspire, and reconnect with nature.

Read more - visit Growing Revolution website here ...


Discover Rewilding

Rewilding is a progressive and forward-thinking form of conversation that resets our relationship with nature, allowing people and the natural world to flourish side by side. ~ ~

Reintroducing Beavers

Reintroduction of Beavers In London

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Bee Bus Shelters

When I put two separate questions obout a pilot scheme for vertical forests and bee bus shelters across Westminster, to the Panel at the recent Westminster Forum (Cleaner Environment), both questions were brought into the arena. It was mentioned that the Council will consider anything to see what works for Westminster. They also said, what might work elsewhere may not necessarily work for Westminster. We wait with baited breath - will they, won't they materialise these opportunities? However, on a more positive note, we understand Grosvenor will be trialling a bee bus shelter at Eaton Square. We look forward to seeing this new initiative and hope that it will be a great success for nature and the local environment.

Bug Hotel in Berkeley Square

Ruth Beddow, Principal Officer for Innovation and Change at WCC, wanted to share with us what happened in Berkely Square yesterday. "A fabulous new Bug Hotel was installed by Westminster College students and our contractor, Continental Landscapes. Hope you get chance to take a look!" Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful initiative In Mayfair. Perhaps we will see the return of the 'Nightingales Sang In Berkeley Square...'

Source: Westminster College Source: Westminster College
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We want to spread the love through spotlighting on innovation. Choosing articles that are highlighting ethical ways to make a difference to the environment and biodiversity. Enlightened communities, schools, businesses, companies and organisations collectively working towards a brighter and greener future.



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