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Rewilding Belgravia supports most of the following initiatives and we are campaigning to make as many of these great ideas happen. Some news-stories and websites below may be deemed by some, as irrelevant or controversial, moreover rather than cancelling ideas for fear of becoming introspective, we wish to foster a healthy outlook. Furthermore, encourage proper debate by seeing the bigger picture or thinking 'outside the box'. It is this, we believe will 'cultivate the soil of possibilities', and where solutions can be forthcoming. Explore Rewilding and other positive stories here. Read our rewilding column in the The Belgravia Society magazine to keep up with the latest news and other good works by the TBS. Please visit us often as we continually add new ways to make our environment a more pleasant place to live for both humanity and nature. Let us work with nature and not against, to find the solutions to preserving our planet in the twenty first century. Click the buttons below each of the images to read more....

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PlaceholderSource:Shutterstock - Bioscapes

A wonderfully innovative designed wildlife mini eco-system to help restore our wildlife and to help struggling insects to recover and thrive in our cities.

PlaceholderSource:Supporting Schools(Curriculum)

Small doses of nature can have profound benefits for childrens' health and learning abilities. Find out how

PlaceholderSource: Wildlife in the city

Over the last 50 years Britain has lost around 98% of its wildflower meadows but with help we can create new spaces for the wonderful animals, birds and insects that rely on this threatened habitat for their survival.

PlaceholderSource: Hyde Park Estate

Hyde Park Estate are making all the right noises with their idea of 'Pop Up Plants', also lovely examples of Rain Gardens across London

Down to Bumblebees

PlaceholderSource: Wilding - Isabella Tree

Read a sample of Isabella Tree's remarkable best seller Wilding

PlaceholderSource: Wilding Knepp - Isabella Tree

Isabella Tree gives a talk about Wilding Knepp part of a series on human and planetary health organised by BNHC charity(by support of Infinity Foods).

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Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries. The official theme for 2022 is Invest In Our Planet.

PlaceholderSource: Adobe-wildmeadow in St James's Park

St James's Park is a precious haven for wildlife right in the heart of the city. One of the key areas is the beautiful lake, which is thriving with habitat conservation programmes.Read about the flower meadows.

PlaceholderScource: British Hedgehog Society

Read about the endearing hedgehogs and how we can help...

"We believe in working together for the love of trees."

PlaceholderSource: Rewilding Britain

Nature is our life support system, it’s the air we breathe. We must take action...

Rewilding Belgravia - Plant SeedsSource: Rewilding Belgravia - Plant Seeds

Experimental Vertical Forests are on the 'UP'. Holland-Vertical Forest for Social Housing. Read more...

PlaceholderSource:Belgravia Society

The Belgravia Society. Celebrating the Past, Improving the Present and Engaging the Future

PlaceholderSource:Kew Grow Wild

"Bringing people together to value and enjoy wildflowers and fungi"

PlaceholderSource: Wild West End

Wild West End in London supports Greening Cities and helping our local wildlife.

PlaceholderSource: Wild

Saving Earth’s wilderness has the power to halt climate change, end mass extinction, and decrease the frequency of pandemics.

PlaceholderSource: Greening Cities-Themes

Urbanisation and climate change call for new solutions to maintain and improve the quality of life in our cities. Public green space has a positive effect on biodiversity, climate, wellness and air quality.

PlaceholderSource: Butterflies and Bees

Whether it's an urban car park or peaceful woodland, many habitats can be managed to attract butterflies and moths.


As there are less flowers to feed on, so bumblebees need a helping hand to survive for generations to come.

PlaceholderSource: Bee Bus Stops in Brighton

We support green bus shelters for increasing biodiversity, combatting pollution and adding beauty....

PlaceholderSource: London Wild Life Trust

London Wildlife Trust is a driving force for nature conservation across the capital.

PlaceholderSource: Population Matters

"All our environmental problems become easier to solve with fewer people, and harder - and ultimately impossible - to solve with ever more people." - Sir David Attenborough. Population Matters Patron

PlaceholderSource: RSPB - giving nature a home

"Work is underway to restore a landscape of flower-rich meadows, burgeoning woodlands, squelchy bogs, crystal-clear rivers full of fish under a sky full of birds."

PlaceholderSource: citizenzoo

"Work is underway to restore a landscape of flower-rich meadows, burgeoning woodlands, squelchy bogs, crystal-clear rivers full of fish under a sky full of birds. Teach children to love nature - view activities"

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PlaceholderSource:Guardian Newspapers
Bring the past into the future; a nod and tribute in "blood, sweat and tears" to all the workers who built these impressive tunnels in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

PlaceholderSource:Tottenham_moselle Wikipedia

Subterranean rivers of London. The subterranean or underground rivers of London are or were the direct or indirect tributaries of the upper estuary of the Thames (the Tideway), that were built over during the growth of the metropolis of London.

PlaceholderSource:Canal Riverside Trust

Canal Riverside Trust. Take a closer look at our canals and rivers and discover new ways to enjoy them

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PlaceholderSource:Evening Standard 6 Nov-2021

"Individuals can do small acts to rewild the capital including installing a bird box or mini patio pond - all this can add up across the city to become something really meaningful, says Sian Moxon of Rewild My Street"

PlaceholderSource: New Lives in the Wild

An excellent programme recently screened on 5 SELECT is 'Ben Fogle's New Lives in the Wild' for inspiration, and where he meets and learns from people who have found Enlightenment in remote parts of the world - learning to live a simpler, free and happy way of life.