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Building Corridors of Colour In Belgravia!

Why Plant Seeds?

Help Nature

Our gardening group finds neglected patches of land in Belgravia and livens them up by planting wildflower seeds. We see this as something small we can do to help nature, and to make Belgravia an even lovelier place to live. Our aim is to fill these barren patches with mini-homes for insects, butterflies, birds and other wild creatures. We hope others will also enjoy the beautiful flowers, and hear the sounds of life returning to our doorsteps.

Spread Love

Our project is about spreading the love of nature, one small patch at a time! This means caring for our neighbourhood just as we care for our own homes. The exercise of gardening helps create a healthy environment for both nature and humans, and like running, is known to release endorphins in the brain.

For Schools

Planting for wildlife, means we would love schools to become involved and include rewilding. It would make a fascinating subject to study on the curriculum and afterschool clubs. Teachers and Children will also have the satisfaction of enhancing awareness of other species living around us and that animal lives matter too. Did you know the term 'Phenology' is the study of the timing of life cycle events. Download Gardening for Wildlife flyer

Small Beginnings

We started our journey by speaking with local businesses for permission to plant small wildflower ‘meadows’ in neglected flower beds and road-sides.

Our aim is to grow from small beginnings to bring more and more of these small patches to life, and to encourage other people to join in and help our patchwork grow. We want to bring small patches of ground to life with flowers, bees, butterflies and even birds.

Colour Beauty

We believe in doing something to help wildlife in our own streets, with our own hands. We love the idea of seeing sad and dull places, no matter how small, become vibrant with colour and life. We also hope to learn more about what makes a good home for nature, and other ways we can help. Our passion is to create a more nature-friendly neighbourhood, and add colour and beauty for people to enjoy. A bonus with wildflowers is that it’s not a problem if their seeds spread, and they don’t need a lot of maintenance. We are keen for others to join in and come up with ideas too; we want to share!


Date: TBC 2024
Time: 3:45 pm
Next Meetup - Venue to be confirmed

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We have already started our plantings in and around Belgravia. We garden with Seedballs
To brighten up patches - A SIMPLER WAY TO GROW FROM SEED


We will be visiting a school near you very soon.
We like to plant with Seedballs. - A SIMPLER WAY TO GROW FROM SEED
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Planting meadow seeds; Good for wildlife and good for mental health. Join the movement

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Date: TBC 2024
Time: 3:45 pm
Venue to be confirmed

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